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A Good Value? Yes!

“You should compare attendance, ticket price, etc. with other conventions. HamXposition is pretty small. Do we present a good value?” In fact, we do present a good value.  According to…

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Obstructed Signage at Hotel Entrance

One issue that has come up repeatedly is the overgrown foliage blocking the sign at the entrance to the Best Western Hotel entrance off Boston Post Road (U.S. 20). We’re…

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More Publicity

One attendee writes: “I attended flea at MIT the week before – did not see anything related to HamXposition next week there. May be you need a bit more publicity?”…

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Special Dietary Needs

One attendee writes: “Please pass on my congrats to all who organized and helped out at HamXposition. Thank you too all involved. It was well done! “At the banquets, the…

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We Welcome Your Feedback!

We’ve received much feedback and constructive criticism of this year’s HamXposition. We will try to incorporate as many ideas as possible to improve HamXposition in 2024. You may email the…

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