Volunteer With Us

Volunteers staffing the Convention Table
Barbara Irby, KC1KGS

Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers who make this convention possible!  Your smiling faces and eagerness to help make a difference to the attendees.

From selling tickets, assisting presenters, supervising the flea market, setting up the rooms, handling parking signage, supervising the flea market, and taking it all down and packing it up for next year— you make it happen!

If you’d like to help us at the 2024 Northeast HamXposition, please contact our Volunteer Chair Barbara Irby, KC1KGS, at kc1kgs@hamxposition.org.

  • Leandra MacLennan, AF1R
  • Juan E Jimenez, K1CPR
  • Eric H Thayer, K1EHT
  • Dennis Marandos, K1LGQ
  • Skip Youngberg, K1NKR
  • Dan Rau, K1RAU
  • Jim Brown, K1VFY
  • Dennis C Dura, K2DCD
  • Peter Osowski, K6IPO
  • Steve Umans, K8ZBE
  • Niece Haynes, KA1ULN
  • James T Beaupre, KB1B
  • Bill J Killeavy, KB1BK
  • Alan David Kline, KB1DJ
  • Frederick John Darling Jr, KB1RGT
  • Vernie Grady, KC1ACX
  • William Lincourt, KC1ANX
  • Howard Leadbetter, KC1JRN
  • Barbara Irby, KC1KGS
  • Steven Scott Angus, KC1SVD
  • Craig M Brothers, KC1SXF
  • John L Snyder, N1DNX
  • James Singer, N1EKO
  • Jim Evans, N1HTS
  • Larry Freitas, N1KLF
  • Keith Kennedy, N1KLK
  • Brad Anselmo, N1VUF
  • Brad Anselmo, N1VUF
  • Ralph Swenson, N1YHS
  • Matthew C Penttila, NA1Q
  • Tom Gauvin, NE1NH
  • Judy Gauvin, NE1OT
  • Thomas K. Lanieri, NU2W
  • Kevin Gilot, NZ1I
  • Virginia E. Frisby
  • Larry Krainson, W1AST
  • Bob Hatch, W1GV
  • Janelle Cantil, W1JNL
  • Tim Miranda, W1MWS
  • Paul A Gilberti, W1PAG
  • Roderic A Balquin, W2DDY
  • Michael D Barg, WA1MB
  • Anne Manna, WB1ARU
  • Anthony W Rea II, WB1GUQ
  • Bill Poulin, WZ1L