Flyer & Banner Images

Want to help promote the 2024 Northeast HamXposition? It’s easy! 

1) Distribute our 2024 flyer:


HamXpo 2024 PRINT Flyer - Feb 2024




2) Embed one of the following images into your website using the HTML code included for each sized image:



HamXposition logo
Logo 187×60 px


<a href=””><img src=””></a>


2024 HamXposition Hero Image
Banner image 300×169 px


<a href=””><img src=”×169-1.jpg”></a>


HamXposition Hero Image 600x338
Banner image 600×338 px


<a href=””><img src=”×338-copy.jpg”></a>


HamXposition Hero Image 1200x675
Banner image 1200×675 px


<a href=””><img src=”×675-1.jpg”></a>


Questions? email: