Directions to the Convention

From the North – (New Hampshire and Maine):

    • * Take US3, I-93 or I-95 South to I-495 South

From the West – (New York and Western Mass)

    • * Take the Mass. Pike (I-90) to I-495 North or Rt. 2 West to I-495 South

From the Southwest – (Connecticut)

    • * Take I-84 to I-90 or I-395 to I-290 then I-495 North

From the South – (Rhode Island)

    • * Take I-95 North to I-495 North



Depart I-495 at Exit 63B (old exit 24B) for Rt. 20 West.

Hotel entrance is approximately 1.1 miles from I-495. You will see the hotel behind the Hannaford Supermarket on the right, but there is no access to the hotel from the supermarket parking lot. The entrance is a quarter mile further down the road. Look for the hotel sign that comes up on you fast because it is partially obscured by trees until you are right on top it.

Entrance to hotel