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HamXposition was excellent this year. I enjoyed the workshops, the banquet and the flea market (when it wasn’t raining). Looking forward to 2024. As a presenter, my room was well appointed, I was able to come in and plug and play with my chromebook, no worries. Thanks!

—James Surprenant, AB1DQ, Cheshire CT


It was nice to see my friends. Many great presentations.

—Steve Schwarm, W3EVE, Wrentham, MA


… Congrats to all who organized and helped out at [2023] HamXposition. I had a great time. Met a lot of new people and saw plenty of friends from Maine and elsewhere as well. Thank you to all involved. It was well done!

—Phil Duggan, N1EP, Milbridge, Maine


I want to express our gratitude for the Emcomm Direct Messaging Steering Committee, and my personal gratitude as well.  The ability to showcase our group at a very large ARRL Amateur Radio Exposition was rewarding beyond expectations.  The number of concurrent speakers made the size of our audience gratifying.  Many took my business card.  We are hoping for some follow-ups.

The facility was wonderful.  Having the projector all set up was very helpful.  My only regret was not having the time to attend other sessions.  My personal enjoyment was meeting Stuart [Solomon, W1SHS] and Frank O’Laughlin, WQ1O, a member of the ETO (Winlink Thursday) Steering Committee, too.  Thank you.

—Rory Griffin, W4RJG, EC Halifax County, VA

Thank you all for running the HamXposition, you are all the best of people that devote lots of your time and effort and I DO APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO FOR US. Ham radio is the best hobby with many great people and you are all great people that step up and make this hobby a wonderful joy!! Thank you all again!!!

—Angelo (Tony) K1CEI, Waltham, MA

It’s a great Expo with superb forums and a very positive atmosphere. I have been coming for five years and will be back next time and into the future.

—Iain White, W1IKW, Southwick, MA

Thank you for putting on an excellent Amateur Radio convention. I give this one an “A.”

—David "Tess" Tessitore, K1DT, Warwick, RI

… Thank you for the opportunity to give my Drill PKT presentation. I feel that it had a good turnout of about 20 in the room. That and I got a lot of good questions and interaction with the group.”

—Keith Anoe, KE4UCW, Lisbon, Maine

I have attended HamXpostion as a vendor two times so far. I especially like having the convention and hotel in one building,  making it very convenient. The venue is very nice and there is easy access for unloading and setting up.  I plan on attending again next year.”

Tony Baleno, N3ZN Keys, Pittsburgh, PA
We are blessed to have the Northeast HamXposition as it allows me to find friends, make new acquaintances, learn for forums and vendors as well as peruse the flea market tables. This is a rich environment that the management team works hard to foster, and they succeed!
—Dan Brown, W1DAN, Natick, MA

I had a great time and really like the new venue in Marlboro. I attended the DX dinner on Friday evening and after an enjoyable meal we were treated to an excellent presentation by Don – N1DG on the E51D DX-pedition that was running during the eXpo. Don’s explanation on the new RIB (Radio In a Box) technology now being employed by some current DX-peditions was fascinating and demonstrates the ability of the Ham community to rise to the occasion and develop a new way to activate rare DX entities with minimal human impact on the fragile environment of some locations.

Following the dinner and presentation, we spent the following hours discussing DX as well as chatting with many old acquaintances. That is exactly what makes these in person gatherings so valuable.

—"Pi" Pugh, K1RV, Abington, MA

Last weekend’s HamXposition was a success. The technical programming rivaled Dayton alongside something for every interest with two or three options to choose from every hour.  At night, nationally-known keynote speakers shared their personal experiences and perspectives on the future of DXpeditioning (Friday) and fractal antennas (Saturday).

—Nancy Austin, KC1NEK, ARRL Rhode Island Section Manager, Middletown, RI
I am writing to thank you and your team for your help at HamXposition. You guys offered us HAMVENTION-level support and site quality for vendors, and we are delighted with our participation at HamXposition 2023.
We at VE2DX Electronics Design Inc WILL be there in 2024  and will be happy to promote HamXposition on our blogs, website, and Facebook posts. See you next August.
Bravo to you and the HamXposition team.
Richard G. Desaulniers Sr., VE2DX
President and Lead Designer
VE2DX Electronics
Laval, Quebec CANADA
I have attended HamXposition for many years, including the 2023 edition. The Xpo just keeps getting better and better every year! I especially enjoyed the number and variety of seminars offered. From Friday afternoon until the closing ceremony, there was always something I wanted to attend, and often I had to make hard choices since I can’t be in two places at once! I can’t wait to see everyone again at HamXposition 2024!
—Jon McCombie, N1ILZ, ARRL Eastern Massachusetts Section Manager, Eastham MA

Where and when can you meet face to face with your fellow New England hams? At HamXposition, of course. There’s no other event that compares. It’s the only event in the New England ham calendar that brings us all together in an informal way so that we can trade stories and one another’s company. HamXposition has been an event for the last few decades and presents flea market facilities as well as indoor new equipment showings, interesting forums and new equipment to see. It’s a “must see” for active hams in W1 land. Hope to see you there.

—Bob Beaudet, W1YRC, Cumberland, Rhode Island

I look forward to the Northeast HamXposition every year, for a number of reasons:  Meeting old friends; learning a lot by attending technical sessions; meeting old friends; the big outdoor flea market; meeting old friends; being able to speak to vendors and see their products; and — last but not least — meeting old friends.

—Sumner Weisman, W1VIV, Framingham, Massachusetts
I really look forward to HamXpo. I attend Dayton every year and I think the HamXpo seminars are consistently better than those at Dayton. I went to the DX Dinner which was well done and interesting. Food was good, too.
This year, I thought the flea market was the best one yet, equal to some we had at Boxboro in the early days. There are some good vendors out there. I for one pretty much “sold my table”, especially since I was one of the few set up in the rain on Friday!
—Henry Brown, K1WCC, East Falmouth, Massachusetts

The HamExposition of 2023 was probably one of the best ones I have been to. Despite the rainout on that Friday at the flea market outside, there was plenty of activity with the expansion of the forums during that day. It was also tough to decide which ones to go to, they were so good. The flea market was as usual well attended, complimented by the EmComm trailer demonstration. I heard many people express praise in how this event was planned. Great job!

I see greatness in future conventions if the committee continues to focus on providing quality content and activity for a wide audience.

—Ray Lajoie, AA1SE, ARRL Western MA Section Manager, Lunenburg, Massachusetts
HamXposition provides a unique way to educate, inform, and build technical and social relationships with the very active and innovative New England amateur radio crowd.  Participating as a forum speaker was a great and rewarding experience and definitely one I’d like to repeat!
—Phil Erickson, W1PJE, Clinton, Massachusetts

It was great to see so many YLs at the YL Forum at the HamXposition this year—participants commented on what they liked in amateur radio-so many different aspects were shared!   We learned from each other and there was good camaraderie.

—Barbara Irby, KC1KGS, Natick, Massachusetts
Both our presentations were packed. Interest was high and questions were good and helpful to others.
It was great to see old friends and learn what kind of hamming they’re doing.  There were many good talks. I’m sorry I couldn’t catch them all. Next year I’ll pray more for good weather. 
—Bob Glorioso, W1IS, Stow, Massachusetts

HamXposition was jam-packed with presentations on the latest projects and technologies.  Choosing which I  could attend left me wanting more time to explore them.  The Rhode Island section meeting was a great opportunity to connect with local hams.  For me, the opportunity to share our club project on Mesh networking to a wide audience was very satisfying.

—Paul Fredette, K1YBE, Portsmouth, Rhode Island

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