New England QRP

The QRP Club of New England (NEQRP) club will host their annual symposium of talks for low-power radio enthusiasts, field operators, and home-brewers/kit builders on Saturday, beginning at 1:00 PM in the Seminar room. NEQRP's activities are open to all!

What is NEQRP?

The New England QRP Club (NEQRP) is a New England-based club with 850+ members dedicated to building kits, outdoor field-ops, and, in-depth understanding of highly effective aerials and utilizing maximum propagation effects for enhance low-power communications. We have many gatherings throughout the year at various locations around New England.

Event Schedule


  • Kickoff Breakfast: 9 AM at the hotel restaurant
  • "Early-Birds" Meet 'n Greet: Starting at Whenever-You-Get-There on Friday at the hotel restaurant/bar and front lobby
  • Setup of the NEQRP Booth/Table: Exhibit Hall
  • Friday Night Pizza Party & QRP Vendors Night: ~6 PM to 9 PM in the Seminar room
    • Video presentation of low-power outdoor field-ops on the big screen!
    • Bring your own food/snacks and drink, or chip in for pizza and drink
  • Night-Owls Gathering: 10 PM+ at the hotel bar for more socializing, snacks, and drinks


  • NEQRP Breakfast: 7 AM at the hotel restaurant
  • QRP Luncheon: Outside (weather permitting) at the hotel cantina
  • NEQRP Symposium of Talks: 1 PM to 4 PM in the Seminar room
    • "Antennas, EZ-NEC, Takeoff Angles, and Propagation," Ed Hare, W1RFI
    • "Where QRP kits came from and where we are...RIGHT NOW!" Dennis Marando, K1LGQ
    • "QRP Kits, building, troubleshooting, operating" Rex Harper, W1REX
  • The QRP Banquet: Carpool/Caravan to Yangtze River for dinner and conversation with your fellow QRP'ers!
  • NEQRP Club Meet 'n Greet and QRP Vendors Night PLUS The Build-A-Thon: 7 PM to 10 PM in the Seminar room


  • QRP Buffet Breakfast: 7 AM to 8 AM at the hotel restaurant - a buffet breakfast extravaganza that all will enjoy
  • Grand Prize Drawings: Starting at 1 PM
  • Farewell Gathering: Starting after the Grand Prize drawings (around 2 PM) at the hotel restaurant/bar and front lobby

Special Event Station

In addition to a series of exciting talks on Saturday, NEQRP will be returning with their outdoor Field-Ops station, WQ1RP, and will be on-the-air Friday through Sunday in the South parking lot. Bring your own station and operate WQ1RP!

Need to contact us during the convention? Call WQ1RP on 146.52 direct!


The Build-A-Thon is sponcered by Rex Harper, W1REX of QRPme.
Sign up for the Build-A-Thon here: