Steve Goodgame, K5ATA, Saturday Keynote Speaker

Steve Goodgame, K5ATAWe’re pleased to announce our Saturday Keynote Speaker: ARRL’s Steve Goodgame, K5ATA. 

Steve Goodgame spent 21 years in the classroom working to incorporate amateur radio into his instruction. Now, Steve leads ARRL’s Education and Learning Department. Steve has a passion for youth outreach, and works constantly to find ways to engage more youth in wireless technology and help teachers ELEVATE their STEM programs.

Married to Cyndi, K5CYN and father of Jherica, KI5HTA, Steve is a part of a true ham family, and has seen first-hand how an early introduction to amateur radio can have a positive impact on students.

A firm believer that amateur radio’s future lies in STEM Education, Steve is on a mission to make it more accessible for everyone.