Friday Night DXCC/Contest Dinner with Adrian Ciuperca, KO8SCA

Adrian Ciuperca, KO8SCAJoin your fellow hams for a delicious DXCC/Contest dinner on the second night of the 2024 Northeast HamXposition! Accompanying us will be Adrian Ciuperca, KO8SCA, presenting on his recently completed Swains Island W8S DXpedition.

Adrian is a keen DXer with DXCC 315, 9BDXCC, IOTA and a passionate contester who participated in WRTC 2018 in Wittenberg, Germany. He usually operates in the contests as a guest operator from various superstations such as K1LZ, LZ5R, K1TTT or NR4M.

Adrian has been licensed since 1990 as YO8SCA while in high school. After finishing his university studies in computer science, he moved to USA where he obtained the vanity call KO8SCA. He currently lives in New York where he works as an IT consultant. The technical side and the lure of the DX are what first attracted Adrian to the hobby. He enjoys travelling and loves to combine it with ham radio whenever possible.

Adding to his ham radio repertoire, Adrian has participated in many DXpeditions to destinations including V8, TX0M/TX0A, 6O, 9M0, FJ, FM, J3, J8, VK9C, VK9X, VP5, VP9, and Z2. He has been a guest operator at 4U1UN and HV0A. 

HamXposition 2024 Banquet Speaker: Dr. Tamitha Skov, WX6SWW

Dr. Tamitha Skov, WX6SWWWe’re pleased to announce that Dr. Tamitha Skov, WX6SWW, will be the invited guest speaker for the Northeast HamXposition / ARRL New England Division Grand Banquet on Saturday, August 24, 2024.

Tamitha is a new kind of weather forecaster for our modern world. As we become more reliant on technology like our cell phones, GPS (GNSS), and other satellite services (and our use of the Amateur Radio bands) we find we are more susceptible to the effects of Space Weather. Just like terrestrial weather on Weather can Earth, Space be as mild as a rainstorm or as wild as a hurricane.

WX6SWW will show you in non-science jargon how this new kind of weather impacts your daily life. You will never look at the Sun or the Earth in the same way again.  After all, Space Weather is just like the weather in your own backyard, it’s just a little further up.

HamXposition 2024 Kicks Off With Comedy!

Juston McKenny
Juston McKenny

Start your convention visit off on a laugh with the newest addition to our HamXposition line up! We’re pleased to announce that the 2024 Northeast HamXposition will kick off with a comedy at by world-renowned comedian Juston McKinney.

Juston has starred in numerous Comedy Central shows including his half-hour Comedy Central Presents and his one-hour special “Juston McKinney-A Middle-Class Hole.” He has multiple appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien as well as a Showtime Special with Rob Gronkowski. He has also appeared twice at Denis Leary’s, Comics Come Home at the TD Garden. 

Tickets are just $35, and also available as part of our “Convention Plus” package.

Seating will be limited to 250 persons, so don’t delay!

Enigma Expert Tom Perera, W1TP, Featured on RATPAC

Prof. Tom Perera, W1TP, a regular presenter at the Northeast HamXpositions, recently gave a talk at a Radio Amateur Training and Activities Committee (RATPAC) session, “Inside ENIGMA—Cracking the WWII Enigma Codes.”
The German military used Enigma cipher machines to encode and decode all of their important communications. The breaking of these Enigma codes is credited with shortening the war by two years, saving thousands of lives, and perhaps keeping Hitler from developing the Atomic bomb. This talk will explain in detail how the Enigma works and trace the fascinating history of the cracking of the Enigma Codes. The Real Story behind the “Imitation Game” movie will be explained.
Tom Perera has been a ham for over 70 years. He is a retired professor of neuroscience who specialized in research on the coding of information in the human brain and nervous system. He has been hunting for, collecting, researching, restoring and writing about Enigmas and their history for over 40 years. He located, restored and sold the Enigmas that star in the “Imitation Game” and “Snowden.” He provides extensive Enigma information through his Enigma book, his lectures and his website:
A recording of Tom’s presentation can be viewed at
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