HamXposition Presence at Algonquin ARC Flea Market

The Northeast HamXposition had a presence at the Algonquin ARC Flea Market in Marlboro, Massachusetts on February 17, 2024. Volunteer Chair Barbara Irby, KC1KGS; Marketing & Promotion Chair Phil Temples, K9HI; and Program Chair Skip Youngberg, K1NKR, staffed a table with handouts, business cards and a large computer monitor displaying photos from the 2023 Convention. The table was co-sponsored by New England Sci-Tech. 

photo of Skip Youngberg, K1NKR and Phil Temples, K9HI
L-R: Skip Youngberg, K1NKR; Phil Temples, K9HI


photo of Barbara Irby, KC1KGS
Barbara Irby, KC1KGS