COVID-19 Policy

HamXposition 2021 COVID-19 Policy

Last Updated August 29, 2021.

The Convention Committee has been developing a policy to address appropriate COVID precautions for several weeks. Because the situation is and has been rapidly evolving, we originally felt that providing a statement too soon would put us at risk of needing to issue multiple policies or updates. This would lead to confusion. However, given the number of inquiries we have been receiving, we have decided to publish this policy now. Please understand that things may change as the convention draws closer.

The rate of new cases in our area has been leveling off. However, the situation may change again. In the event that it does, FEMARA may revise its policy as necessary. The most current policy will always be on our website, and will be posted at numerous locations at the convention.

  1. Masks covering nose, mouth and chin will be required in all indoor areas. In designated areas, they may be removed for the purpose of eating. A forum speaker, at their discretion, may remove their mask while physically distanced from the audience.
  2. Masks will not be required in outdoor areas.
  3. FEMARA will provide disposable masks at no charge to anyone who needs one.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be available at strategic locations inside the venue.
  5. Forum/conference rooms are set up for 75% capacity. If you cannot find an open seat., please leave the room. In forums where we anticipate capacity will be reached, we will have room monitors to turn people away. FEMARA will attempt to work with the speakers that have reached capacity to see if they are willing to run a second session.
  6. Up until September 8th, anyone who has previously purchased a general admission ticket and now feels anxiety about attending may request a refund for that ticket. As for dinner tickets, FEMARA must commit to these with the hotel on September 3rd, so dinner tickets are only refundable up until September 2nd. Of course, general admission tickets will still be available at the door, if you wish to wait to decide until then.

We realize that the wearing of masks has unfortunately become a politically charged activity. Please understand that given the demographics of our population, as well as the fact that children under age 12, ineligible for vaccination, will be attending, we are asking everyone to follow item 1 of the Radio Amateur's code:

"The Radio Amateur is CONSIDERATE...They never knowingly operate in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others."

... or in this case lessen the safety of others.

Thank you in advance for following our policy at the convention.
Bob, K1IW
General Chair, HamXposition 2021