HamXposition 2024 DX / Contest Banquet Speaker: Yuri Onipko, VE3DZ

VE3DZWe are pleased to have as our special guest well-known international DXer/Contester Yuri Onipko, VE3DZ.

Yuri will recap his 50 years of DX and Contesting activities sharing his operating experiences from a variety of locations from around the world.  Yuri recently took top honors in the 2022 WRTC competition held in Italy. He will share practical lessons learned and offer advice for those that may be considering a DXpedition or contest effort from a remote location.

The DX / Contest Banquet will be held at the Best Western Hotel and Conference Center Marlborough, Massachusetts on Friday evening, August 23, 2024.  Tickets for the banquet and other events can be purchased online at https://ticketing.hamxposition.org.