“Where’s W1A?”

One frustrated attendee asked, “Where is W1A?”

Our friend wandered around the hotel looking for the station and asked numerous people, but no one seemed able to direct him to the location of the special events station.

Admittedly, the signage directing people to W1A was lacking. As mentioned in the program book, the station was tucked away in the Corporate Room (E7) off one of the side hallways.  (See diagram below.)

The hours posted in the program booklet were:

  • Friday: 6 pm — midnight
  • Saturday: 9 am — midnight
  • Sunday: 9 am — noon

Sometime on Saturday mid-afternoon when the gentleman finally did find the station’s location, the door was locked and no one was staffing the station.

We deeply regret the fact that none of the volunteers were present at W1A during the advertised hours when our friend wanted to visit. We’ll try to make sure there isn’t a repeat of this problem next year.

Map of East Wing with Corporate room marked