More Vendors!

It’s the most received comment and feedback we get.  “Where are the vendors?”

We’re working hard to bring back some of the old vendors who didn’t come in 2023. Plus, we’re working to recruit new ones.

It’s not easy—for a number of reasons. We hear from our vendors that:

  • Overall sales are down
  • We can’t find enough people to staff a booth
  • Your gate numbers aren’t large enough to justify our time and expense

The latter point is a bit of a “chicken and egg” dilemma. We need more attendees to attract the top-notch vendors. But we also need those vendors in order to bring in the masses.

You can believe that the committee is working on the problem diligently and we’ve come up with some creative ideas. In the meantime, we thank our loyal vendors who continue with us, even in this post-COVID era. Vendors like:

  • Quicksilver Radio
  • Gold Metal Ideas
  • N3ZN Keys

Look for marked improvement in this area in 2024!