Presentation Skills


  • The ideal presentation is preferably about 45 minutes in length and absolutely no longer than 50 minutes.
  • Learn the basics of PowerPoint. This presentation will go easy—and your next one will be even better.
  • Think about what your message is and present it appropriately. Are you introducing the details of a new idea (a mode, an operating activity)? Are you reviewing some time sequenced activity like a travelogue, an event, or a study? Are you describing a system or piece of equipment? Each of these has a natural flow.
  • Use your slides to support what you have to say, not the other way around.
  • Make the slide font big enough for the audience to read. Yes, that limits how much you can get on a slide. But you’ll lose your audience if you just read a whole pile of text instead of really having something to say.
  • Be sure graphics show something instead of just being an “eye chart.” If a detail is important, make it an enlarged insert.
  • If audio is important, embed it in the slide rather than trying to work the audio simultaneously.
  • If you’re really proud of your subject, show it. You’ll really engage your audience.

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