Mesh Node Workshop

Friday at 3 PM

Build an Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) mesh node!

During disasters, Amateur Radio operators set up and operate communication networks independent of internet, land lines or cell phones. A mesh network can now add high-speed data networks as a resource. A great addition to your Go Box.

We have an additional talk on Saturday the 26th “ARTEN – Amateur Radio Training Experiment Network/Microwave.” in Boxborough W5 at 2PM. You can bring your nodes from this session and it will auto-connect to other nodes at the Expo.

Please bring your Windows-based PC that has an ethernet jack.

This seminar requires the purchase of the device shown below. Device requires power from a USB-C connector. This can come from your laptop or bring you own power adapter. We will have the devices available for $30 at the event or you can purchase one on Amazon. You will keep the device at the end of the session.

Saturday (throughout the day):

CQ Mesh! Making high speed connections at 2.4 and 5.8 GHz for cheap money.

In addition to the mesh node build activity on Friday afternoon, a network of mesh nodes will be on the air in the common area. You can use the node you made on Friday, bring your own or use a demo node to make contacts with other hams and get a WAN-I certificate for a successful QSO.

No experience or equipment needed if you go to one of the demo booths. If bringing your own node, a dual band network will be available to join and make contacts.

Network settings are: ch -2, 10 MHz bandwidth on 2.397 GHz and ch 179, 20 MHz bandwidth on 5.895 GHz.