VE2DX Electronics Featured in Canada Ventures

Richard Desaulniers, VE2DX, of VE2DX Electronics, one of the 2023 Northeast HamXposition vendors, was prominently featured in Canada Startup and Venture News, in an article entitled “Which Quebec Electronics Startups are Influencing Canada’s Tech Industry in 2023?” 

“Today’s article is all about Canadian innovation, as we spotlight some of the most exciting startups in the province of Quebec. Concentrating on the electronics industry, these companies are at the forefront of technological advancements, from AI developments to urban air mobility. Dive in to discover 15 remarkable Canadian startups making waves in the electronics world.

“These startups are not just technologically impressive – they’re also diverse in their fields of focus. Covering sectors like cannabis, audio, health care, electric vehicles, water purification, and more, these emerging companies underscore how technology has truly diffused into every facet of life and industry. Feast your eyes on the future, unfolding right now in Quebec.”

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