New England QRP CW Net to Resume on Wednesday Nights

Greg Algieri, WA1JXR, writes on the NEQRP mailing list on Octobrer 19, 2023:

Hello fellow New England QRP Club Members. With the passing of Chuck K1CL(SK) the NEQRP CW net has not been active. I am revitalizing the NEQRP Weekly CW HF Net.

The net will be every Wednesday at 8PM local time on frequency of 3.566 MHz +/- QRM.

I will call the net to order by calling “CQ NEQRP.” I will ask for check-ins with a “QNI?” Call in with a “de” followed by your call sign.

The CW speed will be 15 WPM, but I can slow down if desired. Call in at the speed you would like me to respond at.

I will create a list of check-ins and we will do a round table QSO of the list.

All ham radio operators are welcome. You do not need to be a NEQRP member.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday night,

72, Greg WA1JXR