Special Dietary Needs

One attendee writes:

“Please pass on my congrats to all who organized and helped out at HamXposition. Thank you too all involved. It was well done!

“At the banquets, the ticket listed the meal as “chicken” or “fish” only. Could there somehow be a bit more descriptive?  I have to be gluten-free and both banquets I chose the wrong meal. The first night the fish was not breaded but I chose chicken, which happened to be breaded. The opposite for the following night. Maybe just a one-sentence description could fit on the ticket.”

According to General Chair of Operations Bob DeMattia, K1IW, “All of the meals can be modified for special dietary requirements.  This is called out at the bottom of the “Menu Details” page:

“If you have special dietary needs, select the vegetarian option then contact K1IW with your details.”
Through discussions with the hotel, the need to select the vegetarian option will not be necessary next year. However, I still prefer direct email contact for the requirements; burying any special needs in the automated system could get  missed.