Open Mic

Have you had an amusing encounter with another ham, on or off the air? An antenna experiment that resulted in more sparks than signal? Or perhaps ham radio impacted your life in a way you couldn’t have imagined?

Now’s the time to share your ham radio-related story!

This event will allow each participant to tell the audience his or her unique ham radio story. This special event will take place Saturday night, following the conclusion of the Grand Banquet.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your Open Mic Master of Ceremonies  Phil Temples, K9HI.

HamX 2023 KC1KGS IMG_2136
HamX 2023 KC1KGS IMG_2144
HamX 2023 KC1KGS IMG_2151
HamX 2023 KC1KGS IMG_2153
HamX 2023 KC1KGS IMG_2171
HamX 2023 KC1KGS IMG_2175
HamX 2023 KC1KGS IMG_2162
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Photos courtesy KC1KGS