Advanced Topics in SKYWARN – Doppler Radar Fundamentals & How You Can Help with Severe Weather Reporting Situational Awareness

Rob Macedo, KD1CY
Sat 3 PM (110 mins)

[EM] Have you wanted to get more involved in supporting SKYWARN but have rarely seen criteria to report on SKYWARN Nets? Have you wanted to learn more about Doppler Radar analysis during the summer severe weather season? This class will cover both these topics. Very often, particularly for severe thunderstorms and localized flood events along with other weather scenarios, damage can be very localized but significant where the damage or flooding occurs. This seminar is intended to give Amateur Radio operators a way to contribute further by supporting proper public safety radio monitoring via personal scanners and online public safety feeds, proper social media monitoring techniques and monitoring local weather stations in your city or town or a local range of cities and towns to help support reporting into the National Weather Service to protect life and property. We will cover the need for net controls and monitoring of local area repeaters during severe weather situations.We will also cover Doppler Radar fundamentals and go through a few radar scenarios from past severe weather events.