9-Band DXCC On A Covenant Restricted Lot

Mark Noe, KE1IU
Sat 1 PM (50 mins)

[DX] This presentation will cover Mark’s journey as a DXer – from lowly beginnings as a teenager with only 4 countries to his name before going off to college – to achieving 9-Band DXCC (which happened last year). He will cover how to set up a very capable DX station with only wire antennas, tips for working common DX and the rare ones, the DX Code of Conduct, how to properly work split without getting frustrated, how to use FT8 to work DXpedtions, how to use a DX Cluster, how to use LoTW to confirm DX, and some automated tools that will make DX collecting easier for you. If you want to learn how to work DX without having a yard full of iron and aluminum, then this talk is for you! As a bonus, your station will also be very capable for ragchewing, WAS (Worked All States) and contesting.