2023 Talks and Presentations

Hamxposition features a wide variety of talks and sessions. There is something of interest for everyone! Please make sure to check back here often to review our session line-up.

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AREDN antenna
AREDN Build Workshop

A great opportunity to learn about the AREDN and take away your own mesh network!
image of portable DF antenna
Fox Hunting!

Join our live fox hunts!
QRP kit
Interested in low power operation? We have several QRP sessions
photo of EmComm trailer
EmComm Trailer Exhibit

Thinking about putting together an EmComm trailer for your served agency? This would be a great opportunity to learn from those who are experienced
photo of antenna
Antennas and Propagation

Learn about different types of antennas and in-depth discussions around propagation
ARES logo
Emergency Communications
EmComm, Public Service and SKYWARN related talks
photo of pen and paper
License Classes and Getting Started

If you’re interested in getting started in Amateur Radio there are classes and other sessions for getting your start in radio!
ARRL, AMSAT, and MARS Forums

Sessions for people interested in learning more or participating in the ARRL, AMSAT and MARS
Young ham on the air
Youth Forum
Talks regarding youth involvement and activities
photo of antique radio apparatus
Radio History

Radio and Amateur Radio history
POTA symbol
Parks On The Air (POTA) and Portable Ops
Sessions for those who like to operate in the great outdoors
photo of power pole, wires, and transformer
Declaring War on RFI

Basic RFI presentation and also advanced RFI training