“Gerry’s Ham Radio Life: 48 Years of W1VE”

Gerry Hull, W1VEYouTube video blogger Kevin Thomas, W1DED, interviewed Gerry Hull, W1VE, recently:

“There are many hams who can claim five decades of amateur radio but there are few who have been immersed in so many facets of the hobby as Gerry Hull, W1VE. Gerry is active throughout his native Canada with several VE callsigns, he’s well known for his expertise in the remote ham radio space, he’s consulted for and operated the AA7JV Radio-in-a-Box project, and was instrumental in creating the online contest scoreboard concept. He’s a competitive contester, consummate DXer, technical writer, a long-time member of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club, and more. In this interview, Gerry talks specifically about his recent CQ WW CW multi-op contest effort at the Maine superstation, K1LZ, and then we do a speed round of questions that cover some of his nearly 50 years in ham radio.”


[Gerry was Co-Chair of the 2023 Northeast HamXposition special event station W1A.]