Fox Hunting


The Minuteman Repeater Association (MMRA) will be sponsoring a hidden fox transmitter at Northeast HamXposition.

The Hampden County Radio Association (HCRA) will also deploy a FoxBox on the hotel grounds.

Hone your direction finding skills. The MMRA transmitter will operate on 145.63 MHz. If you find it, be sure to add you callsign to the “mailbox” on the box.

The HCRA will operate on 147.55 MHz, PL 151.4. ID and DTMF “1” to activate. If you find it, send the location of the fox to W1AST at 413-348-3289 via text.

The MMRA box will be hidden on Friday afternoon. On Saturday afternoon it will be relocated for a second round. It will be removed on Sunday morning.

You are welcome to bring your own hidden transmitters. However, to avoid confusion, please these two frequencies.