2023 Program Update

Skip Youngberg, K1NKR

Skip Youngberg, K1NKR

As I posted before, HamXposition 2023 achieved a milestone by providing 89 talks (four were repeat presentations).  Our convention typically fields just over sixty talks. And even at that former level, we provide more talks than most—if not all—other in-person Amateur Radio conventions in the world.  HamXposition provides a means of “convening:” gathering to converse, learn, exchange information, and renew old friendships.  We throw in a little conviviality and entertainment as well.

We’re opening Friday up to talks.   (After all, the flea market sometimes gets rained on.)  And since last year’s repeat presentations worked out so well, we’re working on inserting a number of Friday-Saturday, Saturday-Sunday, and Friday-Sunday repeats into this year’s schedule.

The Programs Committee re-convened last November to start work on HamXposition 2024.  Since then, we’ve brainstormed and solicited well over a hundred ideas for talks. As of late May, we already have fifty talks committed to the schedule, plus six half-day workshops and an all-day “mini” Contest University. And there’s more to be scheduled.

As was the case last year, talks will range from the introductory, to the general and advanced levels.  Topic areas cover:  Antennas and Propagation;  EMCOM, Public Service, and Traffic;  History, Invention, and Reinvention;  League, Division, and Section activities and news;  On- The-Air (SOTA, POTA, JOTA, LHOTA, TDOTA, and any other on-the-air activity you can imagine), including contesting and DXing;  Technical;  and Training and Education.  From “DC to daylight” in frequency;  from CW to voice to digital;  from casual operating to serious contesting, there will be something to spark your interest.

But HamXposition is more than just a full schedule of talks.  I sat down the other day and mapped out all the activities available to attendees:

Diagram of various program components

We may not have the attendance figures (yet!) that other conventions have, but we sure provide a lot of bang for the buck.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in August.